Expert Garden Excavation in Gainesboro

Do you ever wonder how so many gardens in Gainesboro achieve such a naturally lush, long-lasting beauty? Chances are, the homeowner chose to invest beyond simple landscaping and included some garden excavation in their residential garden design. At Straight Arrow Construction, we specialize in the expert garden excavation and design services. We have many years of experience providing homeowners with beautiful, long-lasting residential garden solutions. Our team of qualified, licensed and insured experts are passionate about creating beautiful gardens with top-notch irrigation and soil layering systems for optimal growth, beauty and abundance.

Straight Arrow Construction's Garden Excavation Services

  • Soil Quality Inspection: We always inspect the quality of soil at your Gainesboro home to help us decide on the ideal placement and structure of your garden. Our goal is to create a high-functioning, multi-layered soil system that supports the fast and healthy growth of your Gainesboro garden.
  • Concrete and Rock Demolition: In order to properly install a garden, it may be necessary to remove some boulders and rocks that are not seen to the naked eye. For this, we use our industry standard, expert tools to do the job quickly, safely and easily. Similarly, if you want to partially of fully remove a concrete or stone patio, install, remove or demolish a stone display, we are well equipped to do the job.
  • Sprinkler System Installation: We provide accurate measurement, placing, digging and installation for all types of sprinkler and irrigation systems in Gainesboro. Our goal is to provide you with a cost-effective, labor-saving sprinkler system that saves you time, money and water.
  • Trench System Digging: To make the most out of your sprinkler system, Straight Arrow Construction is experienced and knowledgable when it comes to the accurate placement, digging and installation of trench systems for drainage. If done properly, a trench system will maximize the soil irrigation and avoid expensive repairs for you down the line.
  • Ground Leveling: Sometimes it is necessary to build an angle in the ground to suit the drainage path and design of the garden. If needed, Straight Arrow Construction is skilled at a simple technique of ground leveling that leaves as much fertile top soil as possible by avoiding the unnecessary destruction of root ways and their exposure to elemental erosion caused by wind and rain which can compromise the nutrient density of your soil.
  • Tree Stump Removal: Straight Arrow Construction makes removing unwanted trees or stumps easy and pain-free.
  • Earthmoving: During garden excavation, there is often a large amount of debris and earth removal that comes with the digging part of the process. We are equipped to efficiently and quickly move large amounts of earth out of your property to make room for the installation of your Gainesboro garden.

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If you are looking for a COMPANY that marries beautiful garden design with the nitty gritty work of excavation, look no further. Straight Arrow Construction is skilled in the design, engineering and execution of all types of residential gardens in Gainesboro.